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Paleta-pleasing: adding some juice to warm weather parties


Paleta, a Los Angeles-based home delivery meal service and caterer, kicked off its new Potable Pressed line of fresh squeezed juices with an ocean-side patio party at Santa Monica’s Shore Hotel. Though Chef Kelly Boyer’s popular service is primarily known for making calorie-consicous food A-list delicious, and designed the new juice line to enable customers to plan their own customized cleanse, the party itself showed that healthy food could be down-right gourmet and satisfying.

   The party itself not only inspired guests to eat smarter but entertain more intelligently and creatively. The menu included turkey and vegan corn dogs, vegetarian and shrimp spring rolls, Thai chicken and tofu satay, market salad with peas, heirloom radish, corn, kale, manchengo and lemon tarragon vinaigrette. The message? It’s always smart to offer both a meat and a vegetarian version of poolside favourites.

   The juices and shakes, meanwhile, were showcased “wine-tasting” style, arrayed in a line based on their ingredients, aromas and notes (along with their nutritional benefits and representations of the fresh ingredients that make them up). At the bar, alongside Karma Sparkling Wine and One Hope Wines (where 50 per cent of profits go to Save Our Planet), you could also see how the talented mixologist whipped up some cocktails that were that much more guilt-free.

   As a 25-year survivor of a rare, advanced-stage cancer, Boyer built Paleta out of her personal appreciation for the value of nutrition and how it affects physical health but also mental well-being. ‘Our clients can rest their minds knowing the meals they are consuming are filled with only the finest local ingredients and will appreciate Paleta’s business practices and philosophies,’ says Boyer. ‘When we started, organic food was a major trend, but now we’ve come to realize that sourcing locally grown fruits and vegetables from small farms is just as important. Furthermore, the personalization of our meal programmes for our clients does not exist elsewhere. Our meals and snacks are hand-crafted for each client allowing us to give them exactly what they need to meet their individual nutrition and fitness goals.’ •


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